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Importing Limited Companies on to Companies Made Simple

Importing companies on to our system is simple

Our Company Formation system allows you to import companies on to it that weren’t formed by us, for free.

Why would I do that?

This allows you, from one login, to carry out multiple admin tasks for limited companies, such as:

How do I import a company?

  1. Login to Companies Made Simple
  2. Select ‘Import Company’
  3. Enter the company number and authentication code, then select “Import Company”

How do I transfer a company from one account to another?

Our system does not allow more than one account to hold a company. If you do try and import a company that is already on our system, you will receive this message:

But what if I don’t know the account holder?

No problem. Simply send an email to the above email address (subject: “company transfer request”) with the below information:

We’ll then take care of the rest.

Do you have any questions regarding any of these processes? Leave a comment and we’ll be in touch.

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