10 online tools and apps that will make doing business super simple


There are so many apps and tools out there claiming that they can help increase efficiency, productivity and so on, it’s a chore in itself sifting through them all. Well sift no more, we’ve compiled 10 (well actually 11) of our favourites that will help you do beautiful business, simply.

Wave goodbye to dodgy fitting social media imagery. This handy site gives you the image specs and more for all the major social media platforms. And we’re not just talking about profile and header pics. These guys cover every single image.

Answer The Public
Are you struggling for content inspiration? This site is an absolute gift for anyone who has hit a creative wall. Simply type in your keyword and ‘Ask the Seeker’. You’ll then be immediately presented with a wealth of potential blog titles.

Charlie HR
Do you employ people? If yes, you’ll need an HR system. Charlie HR is a ridiculously simple to use HR platform that doesn’t take itself too seriously (their monthly emails have to be seen to be believed). As if being quirky wasn’t enough, Charlie HR is free – unless you want pay a little extra for stuff like work from home tracking and Slack integration.

Google Alerts
Yes it’s an oldie but let’s stop for a second and appreciate just how blooming amazing Google Alerts are. Enter your email, provide a word or phrase (your business name for example), get an email whenever that term is mentioned online. Bish, bash, bosh. It’s Google at their absolute finest.

If you manage multiple social platforms Hootsuite is a must. It allows you to manage all your accounts from one login (including biggies like Facebook and Twitter), saving you the hassle of having multiple passwords to hand and tabs open. You can schedule activity in advance and even set up keyword streams. A firm favourite here at MadeSimple.

Office Lens
Ever taken a photo of a document, thinking ‘yeah – I’ll be able to read that’, only for it to make no sense a week later? Then this is for you. Office Lens is an app that ‘trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable’. Say goodbye to indecipherable photos!

Free high quality stock images, illustrations, vector graphics and videos that you can use anywhere. Need we say more?

Do you ever stumble across an article that you’re dying to read but just don’t have the time?  With Pocket you can save online content and then read it at a more convenient time (across multiple platforms including phone and desktop). When you are ready you won’t even need an internet connection.

The ultimate project management tool. Trello helps you divide projects into ‘boards’ that are made up of ‘cards’, these can then be dragged and dropped accordingly depending on the current status. Free and paid-for versions available. Trello: Is it me you’re looking for? You: Probably.  

This app acts as your very own personal assistant, except it’s free. As well as providing calendars and to-do lists (as you’d expect), 24me also allows you to connect with your bank, utility providers, service providers and social networks.

And a bonus one …

Hipster Business Name
Are you a hipster looking for a snappy business name? Put down your flat white and check this out. This name generator spurts out a seemingly unlimited amount of business names and logos. You can even buy the domains. 

There you have it, 11 online tools that make business (and life) simple. Now it’s your turn. What tools do you use for business? Give us your suggestions with a comment on this post, or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to hearing them!


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