5 Tips To Finding Customers… and Love


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Running a business and playing the old dating game are pretty similar. So, to mark (celebrate is a bit strong) Valentine’s Day – we thought we’d share 5 Tips To Finding Customers… and Love.

Make a Great First Impression

People can be shallow. If your website or indeed shop looks shabby –  your potential customers will bounce. You’ve got to make an effort and put your best qualities out there – show them what you’re all about.

Likewise, if you turn up to a date looking like you got dressed in the dark, your date could well do a runner.

Pay Attention

There’s only one way to get to know your customers, listen to them. If you just offer what you think people want – instead of what they actually want, your business will go nowhere. Getting feedback and then using it positively is absolutely key to keeping customers.

And of course, when it comes to dating – listening is probably the most common tip there is.

Be Loyal

Loyalty breeds loyalty. Take care of the customers you have by rewarding them. Whether this be through a loyalty card, money off vouchers or exclusive offers. If you won’t look after your existing customers, you don’t deserve new ones.

It’s rather obvious but loyalty is a no-brainer when dating.

Demonstrate Depth

Your potential customers will not rush to make a purchase – they’ll shop around looking for the offering that suits them best. This is why your site/shop needs to be as compelling as possible and demonstrate why you are right for them. This is done in a number of ways, from your branding, the way you (or your team) talk to people – right up to the quality of your product or service.

Letting someone get to know the real you is the only way to build a strong relationship.

It’s The Little Things

What’s your USP (unique selling point)? Your business needs something that sets it apart from the crowd – think of the messaging that brands such as The Cambridge Satchel Company and Innocent Drinks convey. What do you have that your competition don’t? Find out and then put it front and centre.

Don’t be afraid of your quirks – it’s these qualities that make you special.

We’ll stop there before it gets too soppy! We hope you find these five pointers helpful in your search for new business… and love. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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By Mathew Aitken at MadeSimpleFind Mathew on Google+