Are Company Formation Owners Aware of DPA Changes


The way in which businesses market to their consumers has changed exponentially over the last few years. It is estimated that the averaged British person sees around three thousand images a day and does not engage with 87% of them. Subsequently, marketers, advertising agencies and company formation owner alike, have had to become more strategic in the way in which they communicate their brand.

However, new Data Protection laws mean that small company owners could be fined as much as fifty thousand pounds if they are thought to be using their customers information in a under handed way. Are company formation owners aware of the risks? A recent report revealed that most companies are not DPA registered and have little knowledge about the new legislation. Below we give you our tips on how to abide by the new DPA laws:

Make Information Available
According to employment law specialist, Joanna Crowder, the new act is not especially complicated but it is vital company owners understand it in detail. One of the main areas where business could fail is making information available.
Customers can ask for details of all the information you have on file for them and companies must respond within a forty day limit.

Attention to Detail
Companies must ensure that all of the information they hold is correct and up to date

Not only is it good marketing practice to ask your customers if they would like to receive additional marketing communications from you, it is now the law that you do.


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