Communication is Key for the Company formation sector


While the advertising sector has been aware that online is the future of their business for some time, many company formation owners who own retail companies have been some what left behind by the online revolution. Even failing to have adequate provision to answer customer emails, says a recent report by IT consultancy company ‘Snap Shot ‘.

According the report, which asked over two thousand customers about how they feel business communicate online, almost forty per cent, said they had been disappointed with the time it took to for many companies to respond to any form of email communication.

Last year, another report revealed that the majority of customers would prefer to buy from a company which had an online presence than a company which didn’t. So can small businesses and recent company formations really afford to ignore online any longer? We ask business consultant James Harvard for his opinion:

“E-commerce has been one of the defining factors of our time and quite frankly any company regardless of its size can no longer fail to ignore it. However, for them to get the most out of online they first need to establish what they want it to do for their company and decide how they plan for it to fit in with their broader marketing mix.”


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