Company Formation and SME sector Flout Employment Laws


As we have noted on a number of occasions on this blog, running a small business can be extremely stressful. One of the main challenges is the fact that, in a lot of cases, you have to manage all elements of the company you formed. That means dealing with day to day operations, marketing, accounts and human resources, and consequently, things can fall through the cracks. According to a report by the Charted Institute of Personal Development, one of these things is employment law.

The report found that of the five hundred companies who took part in the poll over thirty per cent claimed that they have no idea that as an employer there are certain legal obligations , twenty per cent said that while they know they do have obligations, they are unsure where to access information about them and how to go about fulfilling them and fifteen per cent said they are aware of their obligations and the legislation, but feel they are so busy running their company, that they do not have time to action them.

Human resources expert, Hannah Waterman, comments; “When you become an employer for the first time, it is easy to ignore the various red-tape and legislation, especially if you are running your own small business. However, what employers need to understand is that, these laws are not only put in place to protect employees, but also to protect employers.”

This report comes at the same time as the government’s campaign to make recently formed companies more aware of the obligations of being an employer.