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Company Formation Needs a Re-Vamp say Angels

Throughout the general election all three political parties positioned themselves as the party for the SME. Each campaign gave details of how they planned to make company formation easier, cut bureaucratic red tape and re-establish the UK at the best place to run a company.

However, according to a recent survey all three political parties have been missing a trick – they should have been concentrating on how they can get more women into business which would help the UK’s economic recovery.

The survey found that of all the companies in the UK only five per cent have female company formation owners, in comparison to the United States where the proportion of women company formation owners is over fifteen per cent higher.

This deficit has not gone unnoticed by Confederation of Female Entrepreneurs. Speaking at a conference last week female entrepreneur Joanne Moore commented; “While I absolutely agree that the UK needs more female company formation owners, I also think that enterprise in the UK would benefit from more female investors.”

Moore also claimed that the government need to invest in better childcare; “The coalition government has the chance to make a real difference by setting an example from the top down. While the proportion of women in parliament is dramatically low, that doesn’t mean that women should be under represented. This issues needs to be addressed immediately.”

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