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Company Formation on the Up in the Capital

While the media has been saturated with stories of how small businesses in the north are finding it much tougher than businesses in the south, a report last week discredited the claims and claimed that more research needed to be done in the light of the increasing anxiety surrounding the governments cuts in public spending .

But what about the difference in the number of people considering company formation in the North and the South? According to a recent report, conducted by business insurance experts Simply Business, the number of people considering company formation is much higher in the South than the North.

The report also found that the number of students planning on starting a business as soon as the leave university had increased by over fifty per cent in two years. Setting up an IT company was what over twenty per cent of those interested in company formation, were planning.

Ian Haines, spokesperson for Simply Business, comments; “The job market has suffered extensively throughout the recession, therefore it is extremely positive to think that the next generation are considering enterprise. It also shows how important it is for the government to continue to support existing small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs.”

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