Company Formation Owners Disliked


Running you own company is notoriously stressful, you are expected to be a marketing manager, accountant and HR consultant. Therefore, it is inevitable that in some areas skills will be more developed than others. According to a recent report conducted by the CIPD business owners who run their own company are the most disliked bosses.

The CIPD, asked over three thousand people who worked for ‘business owner/managers’ to describe their bosses managerial approach; twenty one per cent said ‘domineering’, sixteen per cent said ‘administrative’ and sixteen per cent said ‘aggressive’. Of all the people asked, only five per cent said they felt their bosses were ‘supportive’ and ‘encouraging.’

James Matthews, spokesperson for the CIPD, comments; “Bosses who are also the founder of their company are notoriously more passionate about their company, than someone employed to be a manager. While this does have some positive implications, in some cases it can also lead to poor management.”

“The most important aspect of managing staff is learning the art of delegation. Showing your team that you trust them will make them feel empowered and ensure you have a happy, and crucially, productive workforce. Failing to do so can lead to a high staff turnover and unhappy employees.”


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