Company Formation Owners Failing to Protect Staff


According to a recent report, many small business and company formation owners are failing to adhere to even basic health and safety standards in the workplace.

A recent report by business insurance providers ACAS, found that over thirty per cent of employees feel that they have been absent from work due to some form of employer negligence.

The survey also asked over four hundred GP’s what they felt was the main cause of employee absence; over thirty per cent said that they had signed employees off work due to back pain, while an overwhelming eighty per cent said that the main reason for employee absence over the past year has been stress caused by pressure in the workplace.

We spoke to leading human resource consultant, Kate Miller and asked her what she felt employers could do to improve the situation;

“The fact is there has been an overwhelming amount of pressure put on employees since the economic downturn began. Indeed from having to deal with the threat of redundancy to coping with pay cuts and salary freezes, it is not surprising that the number of employees being signed off work due to stress has risen exponentially over the past two years. Employers must be aware of the pressure employees are under and make an effort to communicate and recognize when they are having difficulties coping.”