Company Formation Owners Hit Out New Retirement Laws


Under current employment regulations, both men and women in the UK can be forced to retire by their employer at the age of sixty five.

However, last year the government announced plans to abolish the right of employers in the UK to enforce involuntary retirement on workers at the age of sixty five. The theory being that the UK’ has an aging population and as a result of better living conditions and health care , people are physically able to work for a longer period of time which would make a significant contribution to the UK’ s economy.

Initially, these proposals divided opinion, yet the popular consensus was that if a person is capable and willing to work, why should they be forced into retirement? However, now that the dust has settled on the governments new proposals, it seems that employers have been to considering the potentially damaging long term implications;

Hazel Hartman, founder of the Small Business Forum, comments: ‘ There are so many rules and regulations that the government force onto small business owners, in the day to day running of their companies, that these new proposals just seem like another one in a long list, telling business owners what they can and can’t do. In the absence of a legally enforced retirement age employers may have to consider other dismissal options. Some of which could be potentially humiliating for the employee.”

Yet many small business owners feel that people should be able to work until they see fit and that they have the experience and knowledge that helps a business grow and be successful.