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Company Formation Owners Implore Workers to be Greener

The government has invested heavily in communicating to companies the importance of ensuring their businesses operate as environmentally efficient as possible. They have also developed a dedicated ‘Green’ fund to support companies who are investing time and resources into becoming ‘Greener.’
However, today company formation owners have hit back, claiming that regardless of how many green initiatives they implement, you cannot force employees to be more environmentally aware at work. According to a recent report from ‘Enviro Future’, a company that advises companies on how to become ‘greener’, most employees are environmentally conscious at home and make an effort to recycle and save energy, yet at work, they are less diligent.
They findings of the report revealed that over seventy percent of workers take the time to switch off lights and recycle at home, while over fifty percent admit to paying less attention at work, leaving on lights and computers.
Matthew Bromley, director of research at ‘Enviro Future’ comments; “At home people feel they have a personal responsibility to ‘do their bit’ for the environment; we have seen significant increase in the number of people who are conscious of their energy consumption and the importance of recycling. However in the office many employees feel it is not their responsibility to save their bosses money by switching off lights and reducing water consumption.”

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