Company Formation Owners Should be More Flexible


The concept of ‘flexible working’ is a relatively new , however, encouraged by the rise of high speed broadband and various other technological advances which have made communication much easier, many employers have introduced a flexible working initiative within their business. And, according to a recent report they could end up with a healthier workforce as a result.

The research, done in conjunction with the Charted Institute of Personnel Development, surveyed over twenty thousand employees – a proportion of which had flexible working programmes at their company – and the result were astounding.
According to the report, working from home and flexi-time were found to be more conducive to better mental and physical health than a traditional office environment.

Neil Jones, founder of media agency ‘Sweetie’ comments; “From my experience of working within a traditional corporate environment, many employees are far less productive when constrained by a 9-5 regime. When I formed my own company I was determined not to make the same mistakes as the larger corporations I worked for, therefore, we offer flexi-time and the option of working from home to our employees and for us, this has resulted in a less stressed out and more productive and passionate workforce.”

While Jones is hesitant about giving advice to other businesses regarding flexible working, he concludes that “it works for us and if a business is looking ways to become more productive they should definitely considers it.”


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