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Company Formation Owners Slam Plans to Scrap Retirement Age

Despite concerns that a Lib-Con coalition government would be to busy with internal power struggles and ideological battles, to devise strong policy, since David Cameron’s coalition has come into power in has made a number of landmark policy changes.

Indeed, from the Emergency budget to scraping the current default retirement age, the coalition certainly seems confident enough to make changes. However, their plans to scrap the default retirement age have come under widespread scrutiny from both small business groups and company formation owners.

Ben Lamb, spokesperson for the Forum of Small Business and Enterprise comments; “While we accept that the country has an aging population, the government’s proposal to remove the default retirement age seems ill considered and shortsighted, especially in the current context of widespread unemployment and economic contraction.”

Thomas Simpson, managing partner a founder of haulage firm, ‘Simpson and Sons Ltd’, comments; “I fully appreciate that in contemporary society, many people will want to continue to work after the age of sixty five. However, I resent the fact that government is attempting to devise policy to instruct me on how to manage my workforce. Yes, maybe the current DRA needs to be re- considered but it should be changed only as the result of talks between the government and business owners.”

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