Company Formation Owners Unprepared For Snow.


It is the same every year, the UK gets hit by some bad weather and the whole country comes to a standstill; trains get cancelled, public transport virtually grinds to a halt, the roads are treacherous and the news is dominated by dramatic ‘extreme weather’ stories. So, why aren’t we more prepared?
In a country that is not exactly known for its sunny climate, you would assume that we would know what to do when winter hits, but apparently not. This lack of preparation also extends to the small business sector, according to a report by weather watchdog CIWW, who claim that recent weather has come as a bit of a shock for the SME sector, who are unprepared for employees not being able to get to work.

Robert Holmes, a spokesperson for the CIWW comments ; “ From the feedback we have received, it seems that most small business owners are extremely concerned that their employees won’t be able to make it into work on what will hopefully be, the busy run up to Christmas. The business owners that are the most concerned are in the retail sector. It is important that business plan for situations such as this and have a clear strategy to deal with such disruption.”


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