Company Formation Sector Gives feedback on retirement age


When the government initially announced its plans to abandon the default retirement age, feedback from the SME sector was mixed; many felt that it would be beneficial to the economy, while some were concerned that it would put unnecessary pressure on companies which were already struggling.

So, it is likely that yesterday’s announcement that the government plan to scrap the default retirement age entirely by October 2011 will have provoked a number of contradictory responses from company formation owners. We ask Paul Cooper, CEO of haulage company, ‘Cooper and Sons’, what he thinks about the changes and what, if any, impact it will have on his company:

“While in theory I welcome the changes, I completely agree that people should have the option to work for as long as they want and should be free to make that decision without any intervention from the government. I do feel that the government has again failed to address what practical implications that these changes will have on employers and company formation owners.”


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