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Considering Company Formation, Try eBay

While over sixty per cent of the workforce say that becoming their own boss is their main career ambition, in the current economic context – where there is limited access to finance and declining consumer spend – many people may find going through the company formation process and running a business just out of their reach.

As a consequence, many people are looking for other, more cost effective ways of staring their own company and staring an online business is becoming an increasing popular alternative to becoming and traditional offline business Owner.

EBay is one of the most popular platforms to start an online company from; it is cost effective, simple and gives businesses the opportunity to establish an online presence without having – or having to employ someone – with technical knowledge.

Consequently, eBay predicts that the number of recently formed companies and small businesses which will begin trading on eBay over the next year is set to increase by over fifty per cent.

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