Cut in Red Tape Helps Company Formation


Back before the vast majority of the electorate had even contemplated the possibility of a coalition government, former leader of the opposition, David Cameron made the controversial claim that forming a company and running a company in this country was more difficult than anywhere else in Europe.

Then, once the election campaign was in full swing, Cameron appeared on the ‘Andrew Marr’ show, again claiming that the company formation process was too complex and that the process of running a company in the UK was overly bureaucratic.

Cameron went on to say that if he was elected he would ensure that the process was more streamlined and simplified and now, with Vince Cable’s plans to adopt a ‘one in, one out’ policy when it comes to business regulations; it seems that he has kept his promise.
The business secretary has claimed that introducing a number of guidelines which all government departments must follow before any new legislative bills are sanctioned, would reduce the amount of new legislation and consequently make running a company less bureaucratic.
Cable has commented that these new principles will give business in the UK a feeling of free enterprise.


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