Ex-Forces Members Get Company Formation Funding


What with the Iraq war enquiry and the fact that the country seems to be in the grip of election fever, much has been made in the media about the fact that our armed forces are fighting the war without adequate equipment. Yet, there has been little in the media about what ex-members of the armed forces, do after they leave the army. However, all that is about to change, as the government announces it plans to help ex-service members through the company formation and the process of starting their own business.

According to a government commissioned report, most ex-servicemen, feel that they receive little or no support once they leave the army. As a result the government has allocated over four million pounds to help them with the costs of forming and running their own company.

A spokesperson for the Department of Enterprise said that the fund is to help support ex-service personnel develop and run their own company and will help finance the growth of their business. The fund will also be available to servicemen who left the armed forces over nine years ago.

Richard Gilbert, a former member of the RAF, comments: “While the armed forces do offer support to discharged officers to help them deal with the challenges of returning to civilian life, they do not offer much practical advice when it comes to future employment. This scheme is a great idea and one I am sure will be put to much use.”


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