Expansion is the next Step for many Company Formation Owners


According to a recent report, businesses that have survived the recession have emerged optimistic about the future and are looking forward to expansion in 2011.

The Forum of Small Business conducted a report which asked over two thousand small business owners what their main objective was over the next two years. An overwhelming 63% said that their main objective was to expand their current business. These results are extremely positive, especially if you compare them to the results of the same survey last year, which revealed that the objective of over 80%of small businesses was to consolidate their business.

However, the findings of the poll also reveals the fact, regardless of their optimism, over 15% of all small business owners still feel that market conditions are extremely hostile.

Tim Campbell, business advisor to the FSB, comments; “From the feedback we receive from our members, it is clear to see that overall, most small business owners are a lot more positive about their future than they were this time last year. However, business confidence is dependant on the fact that this confidence is replicated by consumers.”

Of all the small business owners asked, over 50% were pleased with this year’s budget, however, 80% admitted to being disappointed that the government did not reverse its decision to increase National Insurance.