Government tackles workplace inequality


When the previous administration introduced the ‘Late Payment Charter’ – a paper devised with the objective of encouraging companies to pay suppliers on time – last year, its own payment timescales were put in the spotlight and were found lacking.

What followed was widespread public at the hypocrisy of an administration that could devise policies to protect small businesses from the impact of late payment, but to continue to be a late payer itself. Keen to avoid similar negativity, Cameron’s coalition government have devised a policy to tackle inequality in the workplace, but have pledged to get their own house in order too.

The fact that there is an unequal gender split in the government has always been a contentious issue in both the media and inside the government itself. Now the government plans to address gender inequality across the boards of large corporations in the UK.

Minister, Ed Davey, said that it was time for the government to address the reasons behind gender inequality at a top level in enterprise.

The report will be released at the end of 2011