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Graduates Prefer Company Formation

According to a recent report, one of the main and most far reaching consequences of the recession is a disaffected graduate workforce.
The Institute of Development and Human Resources has found that over fifty per of employees who left University in 2008, are dissatisfied with their current roles. While many say that this has always been the case, due to the fact that they are on low pay and are expect to work long hours in order to prove themselves, the report revealed that since the recession began graduates have become more disaffected with the workplace.

The poll found that over twenty per of all the graduates asked felt that their degree was ‘irrelevant’ to their job and that over thirty per cent were considering either further education or company formation.
Chris Turner, a spokesperson for the IDHR, comments :” The findings of this report are extremely interesting the context of the upcoming general election; it appears that New Labour’s policy that seventy five per cent of young people should go to university, is simply not working. Many graduates feel they are ill equipped to deal with the challenges of the workplace and that their degrees are meaningless. The government need to listen to the skills employers are looking for and develop an education system which reflects this.”

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