Most Company Formation Owners Take Work on Holiday


A report published last week found that most people aged between 16-25 states that their main aspiration is to become a company formation owner. But are they aware of the hard work, commitment and dedication running your own company demands?

A recent report conducted by independent business consultancy ‘M.K Consultancy’ found that over sixty per cent of company formation owners will be taking their laptop on holiday.

Thirty per cent say they will call their office everyday, twenty two per cent say they will work on an average of two hours a day on holiday, while an overwhelming seventy per cent say they have instructed staff to contact them if anything comes up which they feel is to important for them to deal with independently.

Mike Crowther, founder and managing director of M.K Crowther comments; “Forming a company and running a successful business takes a certain sort of person. Most company directors are extremely industrious, committed and completely dedicated to their business and since the economic downturn, they feel they cannot afford to leave their business, even to take a holiday.”