SME Sector Concerned Workers No Longer Enjoy their Roles


The recession has presented the UK’s workforce with a number of challenges; pay freezes, the threat of redundancy and the increased cost of living. This combined with fact that the number of hours an average employee in the UK works has increased by 10% since the economic downturn.

A report out last week, conducted by mental health charity ‘Mind’, found that over twenty per cent of all employees surveyed felt that they could not afford to phone in sick in the current economic climate for fear of losing their job. Jennifer Collier, spokesperson for the charity comments;
“The fact that the UK has the longest working hours in Europe is well documented. The result of our survey was extremely concerning. Employers must support their team to improve productivity, staff retention rates and overall morale.”

According to the report, more than one in twenty employees is currently searching for a new role while in their current position. While over thirty per cent say that their main aspiration is to complete the company formation process and become their own boss.


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