Technical Jargon Confusing to Small Business


From flexible working and digital advertising to stock management and online company formation and company registration, IT has completely revolutionized the way in which you form, run and manage your company.

However, in a survey of over six hundred small business owners, over forty per cent of small business owners admit that being confused by technical jargon has resulted in them making needless technical purchases.

The survey, conducted by business broadband provider BT Broadband, found that over fifty per cent of business owners said that they make ill-advised technical purchases ‘occasionally’, while fewer than ten per cent admit to doing it ‘constantly’.

Martin Campbell, spokesperson for the Forum of Small Business and Enterprise, comments; “The use of IT to help small businesses make there companies most cost effective and efficient is undoubtedly a positive thing. However, as the results of this survey confirm, the use of unnecessary technical jargon can be misleading, therefore before any major IT purchase is made, business owners need to ask themselves how it will add value to their business.”


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