We Need a ‘Credit-Crunch’ Minister, Says the Company Formation Sector


From the feedback we have received from our clients, many small business owners feel ‘unsupported’ by the government, to a large extent. Subsequently, the government is now being encouraged to devise a ministerial role dedicated entirely to revitalise enterprise in the UK.

Nearly sixty per cent of all MPs believe that appointing a ‘Credit Crunch’ Minister would give the recovery focus, strategic direction and help with small companies who are still dealing with hostile market conditions and the impact of the credit crunch. 

Gavin Bannock, small business and enterprise advisor to business consultants KPM, comments “It is vital that regardless of the eventual outcome of this election, that the executive address the many issues effecting small business and enterprise immediately.”

“While we have been officially out of recession for a number of months, market condition are still extremely challenging, banks are still refusing many small businesses finance and the future remains unstable.”
 A ‘Credit Crunch’ Minister would be given the task of listening to the small business and company formation sector and understanding the challenges they face. In the current situation many entrepreneurs have felt abandoned by the government and that despite the fact that SME sector has been identified as the ‘backbone of the UK’s economy’ that their needs have been largely ignored.