What Does the New Year Hold for Your Company?


‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? Most companies, at this time of year are looking forward to an increase in revenue due to Christmas sales, Christmas parties and for many, congratulating themselves for surviving one of the worst economic climates this country has ever seen. However, many business analysts are advising company owners to concentrate on their plans for 2010 as, according to a recent report, January is the time when most employees feel a lack of morale.
The report also found that this New Year, many employees will feel increasing job insecurity as the recession looks like it is set to continue well into 2010. Indeed, of all the 2,000 respondents asked, 30% said they felt  that they have less job security than they did this time last year, while 41% admitted to feeling less motivated in January than at any other time of year.

Sophia Walsh, a human resource consultant, comments on the report’s findings; “The best new year’s resolution any employer can make in 2010 is to concentrate on staff morale. Employers need realize that, from dealing with possible redundancy and increased job insecurity, their team has been under a considerable amount of pressure this year. Taking the time to acknowledge this and talking through any anxieties will increase productivity in the long term.”


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