Working for a Recent Company Formation is More Rewarding


In years gone by, there was a commonly held perception that working within an established large corporation would mean greater job security, a better salary, more opportunity to move up the career ladder and overall, greater perks than an employee would get in a small or recently formed company. However, if the findings of a recent report are to be believed, the recession has led to a shift in this perception.

Online recruitment website ‘All About Jobs’ surveyed over one thousand people between the ages of 20-35 and asked them what sort of company they would prefer to work for. An overwhelming forty three per cent said that they would prefer to work within a small organisation over a large corporate company.

The report also looked into employees already working within large corporations and smaller companies and overall it found that employees working within small companies or companies who had only recently been formed, we much more satisfied with their roles and is far less likely to look for another job within the first two years.

Dr Laurie Marks, lecturer in Human Resources and Business Strategy, comments; “ I am not at all surprised by the results of this report . The recession has prompted many people to re-assess what is important in a job and for most flexible working, feeling they have a role in the direction of the company they work for has become increasingly important. Therefore it comes as little surprise that working for a small business came out on top in the poll.”