Work/Life Balance Harder for Company Owners


The fact the employees in the UK have the longest working hours in Europe is a well documented fact. However, according to a recent report, conducted by mental heath charity, ‘Mind’, while many employees admit to suffering from stress in the workplace, an alarming forty per cent of women have said that they find that stress prevents them from achieving a work/life balance.

Margaret Wallace, spokesperson for the charity, comments; “ The fact is the current economic climate is extremely tough; company owners are constantly looking at way to cut costs and improve efficiencies and one of the main ways they are doing this is by making staff cut backs. “

“While this poses an equal threat to both female employees, many women feel they are more vulnerable as a result of maternity leave and home commitments. Bosses need to ensure they communicate with employees well and support them through their anxieties.”

The survey interviewed over five hundred women and forty per cent said they felt their stress at work has a negative impact on their homelife, while thirty per cent said they would be worried about taking maternity leave in the current economic climate.