2 things a Limited Company Annual Return isn’t


So what is an Annual Return?

Let’s deal with that title straight away:

The Annual Return is not optional – all limited companies must file one, it doesn’t matter if the company is trading or dormant.

The Annual Return has nothing to do with finances – that’ll be Annual Accounts.

So what is an Annual Return?

The Annual Return is a “snapshot” of limited company information; in other words, a brief overview of company information. The Annual Return must be filed once a year with Companies House and whilst there’s no fine for late filing, Directors can be prosecuted (and the company dissolved) if Annual Returns are not delivered at all.

The Annual Return should be made up of the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Registered Office
  • SIC Code
  • Director Information
  • Secretary (if appointed) Information
  • Share Information
  • Shareholder Information

We offer two Annual Return services:

The “Annual Return Preparation and Filing” service – £40 plus VAT

We prepare and file your Annual Return for you roughly 3 weeks before it is due.

The “Annual Return DIY Online” service – £30 plus VAT or £13 if you are a Professional customer

You prepare and file your Annual Return via our system.

We have created a handy visual guide for anyone who has purchased this service: How To Complete Your DIY Annual Return

See here for more information about our Annual Return services.

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