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How do I change a director’s date of birth?

When it comes to a limited company’s director there’s quite a bit you can change online: Name, service address (official address), residential address, occupation, even the nationality. The date of birth however, is not so simple to update. After all, whilst all of the above can change, someone’s date of birth can’t. But what if you entered the incorrect date of birth when appointing a director?

The good news is, this information can be changed (and you don’t need to resign as a director and then reappoint yourself). It’s just not as simple as logging into your account with us (or going straight through the Companies House website) and making the change online.

To change a director’s date of birth you need to complete and file two documents with Companies House:

Once the documents have been received at Companies House it normally takes around 10 days for the update to be made.

We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions take a look at our dedicated company formation ‘knowledgebase’ or simply get in touch.

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