If I buy a company formation package do I have to complete the formation process on the same day?


Once you have picked and paid for your company formation package you can complete the formation at a time convenient to you, whether that’s straight after payment or even a few months later.

However, it is worth noting that your company name, which was available at the time of purchase – may not be available if you choose to wait until you complete the company formation. Of course if the name is no longer available you can pick a new company name at no extra cost.

If you have chosen to wait, to complete your company formation:

1. Log in to your Company Formation MadeSimple account

2. Select ‘Continue’ on the Dashboard notification

3. Complete the formation (if you do wish to update the name simply select the ‘change company name’ option)

Your company should then be formed in a matter of hours – we’ll email as soon as this happens!