Company Formation – The Required Documents


Ok, so you have taken the plunge and decided to form your own company, written the business plan and raised the finance. Now it is time begin your company formation – but where to start and what formation documents do you need? When forming a limited company there are four documents which you will need .These are:

Memorandum of association
This document is issued as a vital part of the company formation process. Essentially, the Memorandum of Association, establishes the company’s rules and regulations by which it will be governed.

This document sets out the following:
The company’s name.
The location of the company’s registered office.
What the company has been formed to do.
Details of the available share capital.

Articles of association
Here’s where you clarify the rules for running your recently formed company. At this stage you must state how the directors will run the company,, the company secretary and your meetings will be governed. This document is often left untouched after company formation, however, it can being amended as your company evolves

Form 10
This document provides details of the company secretary, first director(s) and the address of the registered office. All Company directors must provide their name, home address, date of birth, occupation and details of other directorships held in the last five years.

Form 12
This formation document is your company’s declaration that you will comply with all the legal requirements of company formation. It must be signed by either one of the company directors or secretary named on Form 10, or the solicitor forming the company. The signing of the document must be witnessed by a solicitor

You can get all of these documents HERE