The New Companies Act and Company Names


As we have discussed on a previous post, on 1st October 2009, the new Companies Act was introduced. The new act has had a number of implications on existing companies and the company formation process – you can find more information here.

One of the key implications of the new Companies Act, is the fact that it has brought in additional regulations and restrictions regarding company names. Companies House is now going to be stricter as to what they allow. Please see example of such restrictions below:

If ‘Catering Limited’ is already a registered company they would reject the following applications unless the application is for a company in the same group as “Catering Limited” and Catering Limited has given its consent:

• Catering UK Limited (or Ltd);
• Limited (or Ltd);
• Catering International Limited (or Ltd)
• Catering Company (Services) Limited (or Ltd);

Similarly, if ‘Hands Limited’ is already registered they would reject the following applications:

• Hand-S Limited or Ltd;
• H and S Public Limited Company (or PLC);
• H & S Services Limited (or Ltd);
• @H & S Limited (or Ltd);
• Hands: Limited (or Ltd);
• # H & S Limited (or Ltd);

This legislative change, will effect anyone considering the company formation process, or changing the name of an existing incorporation.


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