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How to use your online admin portal

After you’ve formed your company with us it’s automatically placed on our post company formation admin portal. From here you can view and update various company information, including registered office and director information. In this post we’re going to demonstrate how you can take full advantage of the online admin portal.

Accessing the company admin portal (once you’ve formed a company)

  1. Go to Company Formation MadeSimple
  2. Select ‘Login’
  3. Click on your company name

Making sure your Web Filing Authentication Code is correct and all the information is up to date

Once you’re in the portal the first thing you should do is check that your Web Filing Authentication Code is valid. Without a valid code you will not be able to make any online updates to your company. If you have just formed your company the code will work, however – as your company gets older there may be instances where it’s been changed without you knowing. To check that your code still works click the ‘Sync Data with Companies House’ link at the top of the page:

If the code is still valid you will see this message: ‘Your company has been synchronised with data from Companies House.’

If the code is not valid you will see this message: ‘The company sync was unsuccessful because the authentication code we have is invalid – see here for information on getting a new one.’

By selecting the ‘Sync Data with Companies House’ link you’re also ensuring that all the information that you see on the page is up to date – therefore it’s a good idea to click the link whenever you visit the portal.

The information you can view on the portal

Making changes to your company

As we touched on in the introduction, the portal allows you to make various updates to your company. Here we’ll look at the two most common changes you’ll need to make; changing your registered office and updating your director information. Please note, once a change request has been made it normally takes Companies House (the UK’s registrar of companies) roughly 3 working hours to accept it.

Updating your company’s registered office – Next to the ‘Registered Office’ section select ‘Update’, enter the new address information and then select ‘Send’.

Updating your company’s directors – You can appoint new directors, edit the information for a current director or resign a current director. Simply scroll to the ‘Directors’ section and then select ‘Appoint New Director’, ‘Edit’ or ‘Resign’ – depending on what you would like to do. Then provide the necessary information.

Viewing your company documents

The company admin portal is home to a number of important company documents such as your certificate of incorporation and share certificates. Here’s how to view and download them.

Viewing your certificate of incorporation – Towards the bottom of the page you’ll find the ‘My Company Documents’ section. From here, select ‘View’ next to to ‘IncorporationCertificate.pdf’. You’ll then be presented with an online version of the certificate as well the option to download it.

Viewing your share certificate/s – Scroll to the ‘Shareholders’ section and then select ‘Download’ next to the relevant shareholder. Enter the the shareholder’s address and then hit ‘Submit’ – the certificate will immediately be downloaded.

We hope you have found this post helpful. Please get in touch if you have any questions about the company admin portal or anything else company formation related.

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