What is a limited company subscriber?


What is a social enterprise?

So you know what a director is (the person who runs the company), what a shareholder is (the person who owns the company), what a person with significant control is (the person who really owns the company) and what a secretary is (the person who takes care of the company admin… if you want to appoint one) but what on earth is a subscriber? Let’s take a look.

If you formed your company with us you’ll notice that on your company admin page there’s a section dedicated to ‘Subscribers’:


Subscribers are simply the person or people who were shareholders at the time that the company was formed.

No extra duties come with the appointment, the only reason they’re signposted with the name ‘subscriber’ is to highlight that they were an initial shareholder. This means that your company’s subscriber/s will never change, even if your shareholders do.

We hope you find this post helpful. If you do still have any questions about company formations, take a look at our dedicated small business advice blog and knowledgebase.


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