Amazing Apps for Small Businesses


From project management, time tracking and invoicing to file sharing, there are numerous apps on the market that can help entrepreneurs and small businesses run more efficiently. With an increase in mobile and tablet accessibility, it’s never been easier to take your business digital and portable. Here’s a list of apps which we believe can benefit your company:

1. OfficeTime

officetime organise appHailed as ‘a small business owner’s best friend’, this practical app helps entrepreneurs stay organised by tracking time and expenses. Generate reports for a single employee, a specific project or the whole business and find out where your vital resources – time and money- are really going.
Price: £5.49

2. Evernote

evernote remember everythingThis app is the ultimate storage tool for all your notes, files, images, audio files and webpages. Synchronised to all your devices, you can access your information from a computer, phone or tablet anywhere, at any time.
Price: Free

3. Turbine

turbine online HR admin appWave goodbye to your tedious paperwork with this award winning HR admin app: manage staff holidays and sick days, performance reviews, expenses, employee details and much more.
Price: from £5/month

4. Bump

bump the easy sharing appNever lose that all important business card again with this revolutionary app that allows users to transfer contact information or other files simply by ‘bumping’ their smartphones together. Pretty handy, don’t you think?
Price: Free

5. Asana

asana teamwork appKeep on top of your responsibilities and collaborate with colleagues with this efficient organisation app. Asana is an easy-to-use virtual workspace where you can create checklists, assign tasks to individuals, monitor projects and manage your customer orders.
Price: Free (for teams up to 30 members)

Of course, no list of amazing apps would be complete without one of our own:

6. Company Spy

Company Spy company report appSearch for company credit reports from your iPhone or Android device using the Company Spy app from Company Searches Made Simple. You can log in and pay for reports using your existing account or, alternatively, you can pay using your iTunes account. With Company Spy you can easily access company accounts, credit ratings, director reports and shareholder information, even when you’re on the go.
Price: Free (£3.99 per company report, £1.99 per director report)

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