Christmas Parties are off the Company Formation Agenda


Whether it is a quiet drink after work, paid for by your boss or a big sit down dinner with all your colleagues, a work Christmas party is an important event in most companies’ calendar.

However, according to the Institute of Professional Development and Training over thirty percent of companies have said that they have not planned a festive celebration this year and of those who are still having some form of party, the amount of resource available to fund the festivities, is greatly reduced from last year.

While the seventy five  percent of people who have planned a celebration, have commented that they are happy they can celebrate getting through the difficult economic climate, which has defined the past year.

Mark Thomas, Chief Advisor to the IPDT, comments: “ Not only is the office Christmas party traditional, it also a great chance to thank staff for the hard work they have put into your business over the past year and motivate them for the year ahead. Therefore, while budgets may be tight, it is still important to mark the end of the year and the beginning of a prosperous new one with some sort of celebration.”