Company Formation Finance


In the current economic climate, the idea of trying to gain funding to finance a company formation may seem hopeless. However, venture capitalist, Aaron Campbell, says that with an innovative business idea and robust planning there is investment to be found for the right company formation or growing company. In this series of posts we will investigate the practicalities of raising finance for a recent company formation, or expanding business and what options are available to you if you are finding securing funding difficult.

Raising Company Formation Finance in a Recession
As we have stated in previous posts, the number of people considering company formation in an economic downturn are increasing. But is there any finance available? And if there is, how do you go about getting it? In this post we investigate how raising finance in the SME sector has changed and aim to give you practical advice on how to amend your strategy accordingly

Innovative Company Formation and Finance
Many entrepreneurs are creative people with innovative business concepts. However, to form their companies and expand their business proposition, they need investment from more conservative minds. In this post we investigate the finance options available to you if you are unable to secure private investment.

Company Formation Investment – Pitching for Success
If you are going to persuade experienced entrepreneurs to invest in your company formation, in the context of an increasingly competitive market, your pitch is crucial. We aim to guide you through the pitching process, and give you some top tips from the countries leading private investors.

Raising Finance to go From Company Formation to Growing Business
In an economic downturn, the main objective of many SME’s is survival not growth. However, in this post we consider the finance options available to you if your company is at the stage where it needs further investment.