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Company Formation on the Agenda for Students

A recent report found that the number of students leaving school and either starting their own business or going into the workplace have increased exponentially in the last two years.

The report ,conducted by the Institute of Employment , not only found that less and less school leavers were considering going on to university, it also found that the number of employers who are willing to employ a graduate straight out of school has increased by thirty per cent.

The report, which surveyed over 20,000 companies about their staffing requirements, found that sixty per cent had employed someone straight out of school and felt that they were more than adequately prepared for the workplace. Only ten per cent said that they would be better prepared for the workplace by further education.

Christine Aherne, spokesperson for the IOE, comments; “The results of this survey will shock many people, as – historically – the traditional route to success has been further education. However, whilst it is still vital that further education is encouraged, it is also important that employers do not ignore those who are early school leavers and underestimate the value they can add to their businesses.

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