Company Formation Report Slams Strike Action


2010 has been identified as the year of the strike. Not only have we had the threat of a British Rail strike since the beginning of January but we have also had to contend with a striking British Airways. The implications of both have been extremely damaging to UK businesses and posed a significant threat to the UK’s economic recovery.

This has not gone unnoticed by the British public, many of whom have complained about the inconvenience and damage it has done to their business in the media. However, the Confederation of British Industry have declined to comment, until now…

Historically the body has not wanted to comment either way about their opinion on both strikes, however, they are now calling for legislative change to protect British industry and the UK’s economic recovery.

The CBI wants to change the way in which industrial action is sanctioned. They suggest that laws are put in place which will stop a strike if less that forty per cent of a company’s entire staff agrees that it is the only remaining option to redress an industrial issue.

Company formation owner James Redman, who founded his IT Software Company over six years ago, comments; “While I appreciate and respect that the right to strike is a vital part of every democracy, the current economic state of our country needs to be taken into consideration. Striking costs business an absolute fortune and it has never been more important to make doing business in the UK as easy and efficient as possible. It is for this reason that, as a small business owner, I support the Confederation of British Industry’s decision to speak out in terms of toughening up strike legislation.”