Does the Company Formation Sector Care about Green Issues?


While the recession put an unprecedented amount of pressure on the small business and company formation sector, being a ‘Green Corporation’ was still seen by many extremely important .Companies were urged by many independent environmental bodies such as ‘Green Enterprise’ not to neglect their environmental responsibilities as a result of the mounting financial pressures on small businesses

However, a recent report  conducted by environmental watchdog  CTI, found that while almost 80% of all the 2,000 small businesses asked, said that they had some form of environmental policy , over sixty per cent said that it was primarily motivated by their desire to gain some positive PR for their company.

Almost twenty per cent said they felt their environmental policies lacked substance, while over forty per cent commented that they could do more to reduce energy use within their business, but that the demands of the recession had prevented them from doing so over the last two years.

Lorraine Castle, managing director of CTI comments: ‘Having a ‘Green Agenda’ as the media put it has been a very important part of most corporations’ PR strategy for some time now. While we appreciate that this will always be the case to some extent, it vital that organizations take their environmental responsibilities. We believe that education is the key to this; if small businesses and companies that have recently been formed understood how much money they could save simply by being more energy efficient, they would be much more likely to implement a green policy that would really make a difference to both their cash flow and the environment.”