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Euro Would Help Company Formation and Economic Growth

During the televised debate last week, Gordon Brown mentioned the fact that, like Nick Clegg, he too wanted electoral reform. Indeed Mr. Brown seemed keen to emphasize the similarities between the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties at every available opportunity. However, it is worth noting that despite Labour’s attempt position the Liberal Democrats as a similar party, there are many areas of policy where the two are diametrically opposed.

One of those areas is the debate over whether the UK should join the Euro. The Liberal Democrat party are strongly ‘Pro Euro’, while Labour seem to have adopted a permanent ‘wait and see’ approach.

However, in the wake of a new report by the FSB, which found that over 45 per cent of small business owners feel that joining the Euro would be good for business, the Euro debate is about to get higher up o the political agenda.

Robert Dixon, founder and CEO of telecoms company RD Telecoms, comments; “Throughout their election campaigns all political parties have said they want to increase the strength of UK companies trading abroad. However, they are unwilling to make the changes that would make that possible; joining the Euro.”

Kevin Majors, who owns a chains of retail outlets, comments; “While in the past my company has benefited from not being in the Euro, I now think the pros of joining the Euro far out way the cons. People speak of the importance of retaining our history, but after the downturn we have just experienced I think most small business owners and people who have recently gone through the company formation process, would prefer to increase their revenue.”

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