Finding Customers for Your Limited Company


The concept of selling doesn’t have to be intimidating, particularly if you think about it in terms of solving a problem or filling a need. And you are doing your customers a disservice if you fail to do everything possible to explain how purchasing from you will benefit them.

The bottom line is that people buy from a business they trust. Creating effective and consistent ways of selling within your business will help build that trust. You’ll increase your sales and your customers will walk away happy, having found just
the solution they were looking for.

Here are some basic strategies for creating a sales system within your business:

• Developing a sales technique and process (i.e., creating rapport, asking detailed questions, talking your customer’s language, empathising with their concerns, etc.), and training team members to use it consistently.

• Creating sales tools such as educational documents for your customers.

• Mapping out sales forecasts to determine your direction and a solid path to follow.

• Tracking conversion rates, the difference between the number of enquiries you receive and the number of actual sales, is like taking the sales pulse of your business.

• Include cross-selling, up-selling and bundling products or services together as part of your ongoing sales strategy.

• Avoid using the term ’quote‘as it focuses the customer on the price rather than the value. Offer a ’proposal‘or ’action plan‘ instead.

• Have a follow-up system in place – up to 80% of sales are made after the 5th contact!

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