Rise in Company Formation Set to Improve Employment Figures


Despite an initial uplift at the beginning of the year, unemployment figures during the recession have been the worst this country has ever seen. The worst effected group has been the 18-25 year olds and last month unemployment rose by 0.3 per cent. However a new survey reveals that unemployment figures are set to decrease as a consequence of an increase in the number of small business and company formation owners planning recruit new team members. 

According to a report by online recruitment website ‘Reed Recruitment’ the number of employers looking to recruit a new staff member in the next three months has increased by 6% from this time last year.

Richard Kitchen, founder of IT- services firm RK IT Consulting comments; “Over the last two years we attempted to steady our company in the face of extremely difficult market conditions .However, once it was announced that the recession was over and consumer confidence seemed to be returning to an extent, we now want to consolidate and build on what we had achieved, that means hiring new team members.”
Matthew Wright, CEO of management consultancy firm MW Consultants, comments; “From our point of view it has been just as important to have a recovery plan and it was to have a plan on how to survive the recession. We had always planned on recruiting more staff as soon as things began looking better so that we would be in the best position possible to make the most out of future opportunities.”


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