Online company formation with simple management tools for professionals – how does it work?


Online company formation with simple management tools for professionals - how does it work?

If you’re an accountant it’s likely that you manage various aspects of company administration for clients. This might include big things like formation or filing an annual return, or it could even be something smaller – like changing the name of a company secretary. Whatever the case, interacting with your clients business is a common thing.

As such online company formation tools are provided for our professional clients. This ICAEW accredited software is a fantastic way to keep your company management within a centralised web-interface where you can easily access and change all kinds of things, as and when required.

But how does it work? Let’s look at some of the overall features you can expect when you sign up to our company formation for professionals service.

Your Dashboard

The tool itself is called Cosec and provides company secretarial management. One of the most brilliant features of the software is the dashboard, which gives you a fantastic overview and showcases all of the things you can do in a few simple clicks. Well, let’s have a look at it shall we?

Your COSEC Dashboard

As you can hopefully see – it’s pretty comprehensive. There are many features accessible right from the dashboard. But let’s explore a few that are ideal for professional users in a bit more detail.

My Companies

Whether you have a handful of companies under your management, or many more than that, you can quickly and easily view all of them by clicking on the ‘My Companies’ button on your dashboard.

You will go through to a page listing all of your companies, including details available at a glance on ‘Company Number’, ‘Incorporation Date’, ‘Status’, ‘Accounts Due Date’, ‘Returns Due Date’ and more. If you have a lot of companies, you can easily search by company name or number.

Import a company

A very handy feature indeed! This allows you to import a company into your management portal, meaning that if you take on a new client you can simply add the company in as required. All you need is the company number and then you can use the ‘Web Filing Authentication Code’ to complete the import.

If you’ve got the authentication code already then the process is very quick, however you can get an authentication code sent to the company’s registered office address within 5 working days if you don’t have one. Once the import is complete you can see the newly added company within the ‘My Companies’ section.

Annual Return – DIY

Another extremely handy tool is the ‘Annual Return – DIY’ button which enables you to purchase and file an annual return for any of the companies in your account. This simplicity is something that professional users find very useful.

Just click the button and an annual return will be added to your basket, from there you will have the option to select an existing company from the list in your account – or add a new company if the business is not on the list.

Simple But Effective

Using the Cosec management tool is a wonderfully simple way to manage multiple companies with ease. It’s useful for people looking to make changes quickly, or those who need an at a glance view of their company management activities at all times.

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