Updating a company’s Webfiling Authentication Code


Our system gives you the option to update the webfiling authentication code for any companies that you administer through it. Here’s how you can go about changing a limited company’s code:

1. Log in (or register if you haven’t already) to Companies House Webfiling

2. Select if the company is an England / Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland company and then enter the company number and existing webfiling authentication code:

3. Select ‘Company authentication’ on the left of your screen:

4. Enter and then re-enter your desired code, then select ‘Change code’ – Companies House will mail a letter to the registered office confirming when the code has been changed:

5. Once changed, log in to your Company Formation MadeSimple account and select ‘My Companies’:

6. Click on the relevant company name:

7. Scroll down to ‘Webfiling Authentication Code’ and select ‘Update Code’:

8. Enter the new code and select ‘Update’:

And there you have it – the code will be updated.

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