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Bosses Need A Break From The Recession

As we have stated on a number of occasions, one of the main reasons a budding entrepreneur leaves the security of a monthly salary to start the company formation process, is overriding ambition and passion for their company. According to recent reports, as a consequence of the increasing demands of the recession, many entrepreneurs are finding difficult to leave work at the office when they go on holiday.
According to a survey by Red Recruitment, a market leading PA recruitment consultants firm, well over 50% of their clients, makes some form of contact with the office when they are away on holiday. While, over 32% intend to check their emails every day.
James Cooper, CEO and founder of Red Recruitment comments; “Most business owners have always found it difficult to relinquish control their company while they are holiday. However, due to the increasingly fragile state economy even more are now admitting that they would prefer not to go away at all. The feedback we have received, confirms that this is having negative impact on their company on the people who work for them.” 
A recent report, carried out by an official government body revealed that well over 30% of business owners plan to take no annual leave this year.

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