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Company Formation And The New Companies Act October 2009

One feature of the new Companies Act, the final stages of which come into force on1 October 2009, is the introduction of a whole range of new forms.

For years, those of us who have been involved with company formation and the maintenance of company secretarial records,  have become used to a wide range of form numbers. Now Companies House have decided to revamp all the old favourites such as forms 287 and 225, the famous 288a and 288b and one of my favourites, the DCA!

Instead, some bright sparks deep in Companies House have obviously spent hours trying to work out relevant numbers and names and have come up with contenders such as AA01, AA02 and CHO1.

It is going to take me and my staff some time to get used to the 50 or so new forms that have been introduced although as the registration of companies and companies formation generally is now done mainly online, many of these forms are almost obsolete.  Nevertheless, for those of you who like this sort of thing, here is a link to the new forms

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