Company Formation Owners Inundated with Job requests


According to a recent report, conducted by the Charted Institute of Personal Development, the recession has completely changed the landscape of the employment market.

Historically, students have been encouraged to graduate from university, get a job within a large organization and work their way up the corporate ladder. However, the findings of this report suggests, that the collapse of many large high profile companies has changed the perception of ‘big business’ and consequently many graduates are now looking to work within smaller organizations.
The report asked over 2,000 graduates whether they would prefer to work in a large organization or within a small business or recent company formation. An overwhelming 55% said that they would prefer to work in a small company and cited reasons such as ‘quicker promotion’ being able to ‘have a role in decision making and the future direction of the company’ as the most important factors to consider when choosing a new role.

HR expert Amanda Werth, comments; “The recession has made many people re-assess what they feel is important, especially in terms of their career. Therefore, it’s not surprising that people looking to enter the job market for the first time, want to work within a small business where they feel they will have say in the way a company develops. However, such widespread competition for such roles will put even more pressure on a recent graduate to stand out from the other candidates at interview.”


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